Our Story

Our Inspiration

Inspired by the chaos surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the founder of The Plain recognized that there is a need for honest conversations about public health that inform the public about the health risks that they face, and provide the knowledge that they need to reduce those risks and live healthier lives. This includes all public health concerns - infectious diseases, chronic diseases, the environment, mental health, and so on.

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Our Passion

The main driving forces of The Plain are trust and accessibility. We want to make vital public health information accessible to anyone by breaking barriers, opening doors, and disrupting systems. Whenever there is a public health crisis, certain vulnerable populations, such as low-income communities and people of colour, are usually hit the hardest and are usually the least likely to fully recover. These disparities are amplified by the fact that trust between the populations and health experts has been severely eroded for many reasons.

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Our Mission

It is imperative that these vulnerable populations have access to the information that they need that would help them stay safe and healthy. Thus, our mission is to build a credible education platform to share trustworthy health-related information simply and honestly. Knowledge is of no use if it cannot be understood and implemented. The Plain aims to present complex public health findings in simple ways that make it easier for any audience to understand and put into practice.


Our Work


We aim to release information that is evidence-based and that counters false information concerning public health issues and concerns that the world is facing.


We strive to verify information and vet sources to ensure that the public is getting public health information from only credible and trusted sources.


We endeavour to educate and inform the public on how and where to find the right information, and how to identify falsehoods thereby developing immunity to misinformation.