• Devon Pique

Biden’s Plan to Have all Adults Eligible For the COVID-19 Vaccines

American president Joe Biden made his first prime-time television address on the 11th March, the anniversary of the COVID-19 shutdown, where he announced his plan to have all adults eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by the 1st May.

“First, tonight, I'm announcing that I will direct all states, tribes, and territories to make all adults, people 18 and over, eligible to be vaccinated no later than May 1,” he said to the nation. “Let me say that again. All adult Americans will be eligible to get a vaccine no later than May 1. That's much earlier than expected.”

This announcement came shortly after Biden approved a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, called the American Rescue Plan, that he had pushed heavily for during his first 50 days in office.

While all adults will be eligible for the vaccine, Biden explained that not all adults will be able to receive the vaccine by that date.

“And let me be clear, that doesn’t mean everyone’s going to have the shot immediately, but it means you’ll be able to get in line beginning May 1,” Biden clarified in the address.

To help ensure all Americans have access to the vaccine, Biden plans to put many measures in place. According to this statement from the White House Briefing Room, Biden’s comprehensive strategy to make the vaccine more available has several different steps.

One of these steps is to distribute the vaccine in more locations. This includes an additional 700 community health centers that are meant to serve low-income patients and those living in rural and Tribal communities. Some of these additional health centers also plan to utilize mobile vans for their services. The Biden administration also wants to double the number of pharmacies participating in the federal pharmacy program and the number of federally-run mass vaccination centers. Currently, there are 21 national pharmacy partners.

President Biden also plans on providing resources so that Americans can get information about the vaccine. In his speech, Biden announced that by 1st May there would be a federally supported website that shows the closest vaccination locations. The White House statement also said that the administration planned on having a “1-800 number” that people could call to receive information and guidance regarding the vaccine and that there would be more technical support to assist existing state websites.

In his address, President Biden expressed his hope that things would be closer to normalcy by Independence Day, 4th July, with his goal being that people can spend the celebrations with their loved ones.

Despite all of this positive news, Biden still urged Americans to remain vigilant and do their part to stop the spread of the virus.

“If we don’t stay vigilant and the conditions change, then we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track.” Biden then added, “And please, we don’t want to do that again. We’ve made so much progress. This is not the time to let up.”

With over 158 million total vaccines administered as of the 2nd of April 2021 and 17.5% of the total population fully vaccinated (received both doses), hope is on the horizon and it seems as though America is getting closer and closer to ending the pandemic.


Speaking Plainly:

  • President Biden announced on the 11th of March that all adults in the US would be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccines by the 1st of May.

  • While all adults are eligible, they will not all be vaccinated by this date.

  • Biden plans to expand locations where doses of the vaccine are administered and put new tools into place to give the population a better understanding of the vaccine.

  • Hopes were expressed that normalcy will be returned to the US by the 4th of July, but Biden urged people to do their part in stopping the spread of the disease.